Dr. Robert Malone vows to resist vaccine mandate for children, talks about the Great Reset

Happy, Healthy, HempFor Dr. Robert Malone, pushing the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines on children is just not right.

“Early on, I made a decision that I was – of all the topics, all the things going on – to try to resist the mandated vaccines [for] children. [It] was the one thing that I felt strongest about,” Malone said during the May 14 episode of “The New American.

It’s already been established that healthy children have nearly zero percent risk of dying from COVID-19, but could experience adverse events or develop life-threatening conditions like myocarditis because of the vaccine.

Malone, who is part of the team that invented the mRNA technology used in COVID-19 vaccines, shared details of his journey – from questioning the safety and efficacy of the said vaccines to recognizing the intense efforts of globalists who are trying to establish a totalitarian regime that would allow them to supersede national political structures in the form of the Great Reset. (Related: WHO calls for “new global public health world order” to take advantage of future plandemics.)

He also shared his outrage at the breaching of well-established rules of medical ethics and the willingness to bypass informed consent. His starting point, Malone said, was the outrage at what was being done to his profession and the breaching of the many standards that he had been trained in for years.

“This breaching of all of the standard ethics and rules and normal procedures, in the amazing rush to try to get some vaccine product out at the exclusion of any other intervention, like early treatments with drugs or repurposed drugs. There was this intentional effort to only promote vaccines and to block any other interventions,” he said.

Movement to push untested vaccines part of the Great Reset

One of the early treatments being blocked is ivermectin, which suppresses the virus replication and spread.

But a global movement against ivermectin and other potential treatments has emerged in an apparent bid to boost vaccination rates. Malone said governments and nongovernmental entities around the world are working in concert to push the Great Reset espoused by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its founder, Klaus Schwab. (Related: Dr. Robert Malone says it’s time to start calling out all the members of the World Economic Forum)

Based on the total control over information, the economy and finances, as well as ideas of transhumanism and population control, the Great Reset became possible through mass formation psychosis – a phenomenon that captures both the populace and its leaders.

Malone admitted that he initially thought these were conspiracies, but coming across Schwab’s book titled “The Great Reset” made him realize that what people have been saying was actually true.

World-class attorneys like Reiner Fuellmich have also attempted to indict Schwab and his co-conspirators, but so far the WEF has successfully dodged them. Malone said it was his hope, along with others, that all major tech platforms and news sources be responsible and vigilant in ensuring that Americans have access to accurate information on something as significant as COVID-19.

Visit GreatReset.news for more information about the Great Reset and the governments’ role in this agenda.

Watch this video to learn more about COVID tyranny and the WEF’s Great Reset agenda.

Dr. Robert Malone: Resisting Covid Tyranny and the WEF’s Great Reset

This video is from the channel The New American on Brighteon.com.

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Happy, Healthy, Hemp

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