NO EVIDENCE exists to suggest that covid “naturally emerged,” says former EcoHealth Alliance vice president

Allertrex® is a natural respiratory support product that harnesses the strength of powerful herbs and essential oils for effective lung and sinus cleansing.Dr. Andrew Huff, a former vice president at the infamous EcoHealth Alliance, is speaking out about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), which he says was not a natural occurrence.

The army veteran appeared for an interview on “Liz Collin Reports” recently to discuss how he has been “repeatedly hacked,” placed under surveillance, and tailed for telling what he claims is the truth about the scamdemic.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Huff would become a senior scientist in data technology at EcoHealth, which played a major role in the unleashing of the Fauci Flu.

Huff has a lengthy tenure working in biowarfare and bioterrorism, two things that occupy much of his resume. Over time, however, he says he came to the conclusion that his work could lead to a metaphorical “death sentence” for a scientist since prior to arriving at EcoHealth he was increasingly bound under classified status not to speak about his work.

In 2014, he accepted a position at EcoHealth where he helped build advanced biosurveillance apparatus for the Department of Defense (DoD).

“I knew that [I would be doing work for the DoD] going into it, and I didn’t really think that there was anything nefarious behind it,” Huff says.

Peter Daszak, Huff’s boss, says he reviewed “gain-of-function” proposal for research that was already underway

Huff’s direct superior was none other than Peter Daszak, whose name has been all over the news as the ringleader of the “gain-of-function” research that was taking place at the Wuhan Institute of Technology in communist China.

At the time, such research was already taking place, and Huff was given an academic scientific proposal about it for review.

“I attest that I reviewed the proposal that was submitted to NIH which detailed the gain-of-function virology work that was being conducted to create the agent known as SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease known as COVID-19,” Huff says.

Keep in mind that this was in 2014, years before the Fauci Flu would appear under mysterious circumstances on the world stage as a “pandemic.”

In his declaration, Huff stated that he is opposed to gain-of-function research because it is used to make diseases more harmful – or transmissible from animals to humans, in the case of the Chinese Virus, when such transmission would otherwise not be possible.

Huff studied for his PhD under Dr. Michael T. Osterholm, who just so happens to be fake “president” Joe Biden’s covid advisor. He says Osterholm’s influence led him to oppose gain-of-function research as a matter of principle.

The point of it, he says, is to “develop a medical countermeasure” to a disease before that disease becomes a problem. In other words, it is all about feeding Big Pharma the keys to develop “blockbuster” drugs for the next big health “scare.”

“The worst part is they defer their responsibility of what’s called a biosecurity officer or institutional biosafety committee to a subcontractor,” Huff added. “That subcontractor is the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

Huff would go on to confront Daszak about this, though mildly because he was new to his position. Daszak allegedly responded that the issue would be “taken care of,” though Huff noted that Daszak “always had a flippant attitude toward anything security-related.”

Huff would end up leaving EcoHealth in 2016 after problems with another program known as Predict came to light. It was around the same time that Huff would learn that Daszak had been lying to him about the company’s day-to-day business activities.

“There is not one bit of evidence that this naturally emerged,” Huff told Alpha News about SARS-CoV-2. “None.”

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Ethan Huff

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