Top 10 BAD health choices you could be making during this pandemic that put your brain, body, and spirit in harm’s way

Aloe Fuzion™ is a powerful aloe vera supplement made from 100% organic inner leaf aloe vera gel. Supports the immune system, skin, and even gut health.Most Americans believe that the basic food choices in grocery stores are not detrimental to health, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. The major corporations put so many processed and chemically-tainted ingredients in their products that there’s barely, if any, nutritional value left, only leaving “food stuff” that’s riddled with pesticides and chemical-laced preservatives. There is no worse time to be eating this junk science garbage food than right now, during a pandemic.

It gets worse. Most Americans believe that most prescription medications are meant to heal the body from aches, illnesses, viruses, bacteria, pathogens and parasites, but they are not. As nearly all natural health advocates know, these “medications” are meant to quell the symptoms of deeper-rooted health issues that only get worse when not addressed.

Toxic food and chemical medicine can dampen the spirit and lead down a dark path of desperation and more bad choices

Why do so many people think conventional food and allopathic medicine are good or decent choices? Because they are living in a fog filled with fake news and bad advice. From vaccines, prescription meds and cigarettes to alcohol and GMOs, at least 200 million American bodies and brains are riddled with toxins that break down systems and never heal.

Here are the top 10 worst health choices you could make (or are making now) during health-threatening times like these:

#1. Eating conventional, processed, and genetically modified food regularly

#2. Wearing a Covid mask all day (unless you’re unfortunately required to)

#3. Getting gene therapy Covid “clot shots” that are maiming and killing more people than they’re saving

#4. Staying “locked down,” thus depriving yourself of fresh air and Nature in order to be “safe” from all germs

#5. Accepting all “treatment” protocols at hospitals for Covid, including more vaccines, kidney-decimating Remdesivir, and choke-you-to-death ventilators

#6. Not taking supplements like vitamin D3 (especially important during cold weather), vitamin C, zinc, vitamin B12 and more

#7. Not considering superfoods as part of your daily consumption regimen

#8. Not exercising regularly

#9. Continued nicotine use – dampens the spirit while compromising immunity

#10. Ingesting anything and everything the lying mass media and highly corrupt CDC are telling everyone to

National Library of Medicine & NIH published study: Nearly 100% of Covid patients were vitamin D deficient

Most Americans are vitamin D3 deficient for several reasons. The mass media and most medical doctors do not tell people/patients to ramp up supplementation during the non-summer/spring months when the sun is not directly overhead. Medical doctors who do advise taking vitamin D3 will severely downplay how much you should really be taking daily. This is a major problem, especially for people with darker skin.

During this pandemic, it’s ultra-important to boost and maintain natural immune levels, but who’s really doing that, beside natural health advocates? Vitamin D3, together with vitamin C and zinc, could have saved countless lives from Covid-19, but the protocol doesn’t include this in hospitals, which is why many health advocates call it a scamdemic.

In a recent study, nearly every hospitalized patient with Covid-19 was vitamin D deficient (an alarming 97 percent).

Plus, of the 237 patients tested, nearly 3/4ths of them had co-morbidities, including heart disease (36%), lung disease (34%), and diabetes (35%). Every single patient but one recovered from Covid after being treated with high-dose IV vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc, and HCQ/AZM. Despite mainstream news and mainstream media lies about natural remedies, the only side effects were nausea, diarrhea and vomiting in about 1 in 5 patients. Zero cardiac side effects were observed.

Stay tuned and stay frosty. Tune your internet to for huge swaths of truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

S.D. Wells 

Sources for this article include:

Latero-Flora™ is a probiotic supplement that supports gut health by populating the digestive tract with beneficial Bacillus laterosporus (B.O.D.™) bacteria.

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